Collection: Mama Mia! It's Italian

Over the years, Italy has been one of our favorite places to shop. Whether made from glass, metal, fabric or resin, Italy makes some of the highest quality goods in the galaxy. That being said, we have bought Italian jewelry components and findings for more than 2 decades and are showing here items that have been stateside for more than a year. We are very sorry to hear our Italian friends and associates are in distress due to Covid-19. They are being safe and taking precautions. For now, there will be a lull in the supply chain and we hope very much it won't be long as we want them and their businesses to survive. You will find highlighted here vintage items from Italy that have been stateside for more than a year. Items that have the word "vintage" in them are authentic Italian vintage. We have pulled them out of our vintage treasure trove to offer to you as we wait and pray for the well-being of our friends and their country.